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Hematopathology is a free, open-access online journal that is available over the internet. It reaches all the pathologists, diagnosticians, scientists and trainees interested in the diagnosis of blood diseases. Advertising with Hematopathology will not only increase the brand awareness of the advertisers, but also help us improve the spread of knowledge on the diagnosis of blood diseases. Hematopathology maintains the highest levels on scientific, educational, and advocacy activities, avoiding any bias or influence, or the appearance of such bias or influence, and maintaining the highest ethical standards in the Publications’ paid advertising program. It adopted the following Advertising Policy:

  1. As used in this Advertising Policy, the term “Advertiser” means the individual or entity whose product or service is promoted in an advertisement published on the webpage of Hematopathology, and any third party agent hired to represent such individual or entity. It is the responsibility of the individual or entity whose product or service is being promoted to ensure any third-party agent is advised of these policies.
  2. All Advertisers, by submitting an advertisement for consideration of being placed in Hematopathology, whether actually published or not, is deemed to have accepted, be bound by, and made any representation or warranty contained in this Advertising Policy.
  3. All advertisements published in Hematopathology are subject to approval of the Editorial Office/publisher, which reserves the right to reject any proposed advertisement or cancel any previously accepted advertisement at any time.
  4. Each Advertiser represents and warrants to Hematopathology that it is authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter of their advertisement(s), and that such advertisement(s) do not infringe on the trademark, copyright or other intellectual property of any other person or organization.
  5. In consideration of publishing an advertisement, the Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Hematopathology, its publisher, editors, officers, agents, and employees from and against any claim, damage, liability, expense, or other loss (including legal fees) resulting from the breach of any representation or warranty of the Advertiser contained in this Advertising Policy, or in any way relating to the publication of the contents of the advertisement, including, without limitation, claims or suits for libel, violation of privacy, copyright infringement or plagiarism.
  6. Hematopathology shall not be liable for any failure to publish any advertisement accepted by Publisher; however, Publisher shall use its reasonable efforts to place such advertisement not so published in subsequent available space.
  7. Hematopathology may change the terms set forth herein at any time, provided that no such change applies to advertisements whose closing date precedes the announcement of the change.
  8. In the event of nonpayment, Hematopathology reserves the right to hold the Advertiser and its agents jointly and severally liable for such monies as are past due and payable to the journal. In addition, Hematopathology reserves the right to not publish any future advertisements until all of the Advertisers accounts are paid in full.
  9. Each Advertiser represents and warrants to Hematopathology that all advertisements for pharmaceuticals, drugs, devices, and other regulated health care products meet all applicable legal requirements, including regulations of the FDA regarding advertisement and promotion. FDA regulations contain exacting legal controls over the claims that drug advertisers may make for their products and may require advertisements to identify contraindications, side effects, etc. Adherence to FDA and other legal requirements concerning the content of drug advertising is the manufacturer’s responsibility. Acceptance of an advertisement is not an indication that the advertisement is legally compliant. Hematopathology reserves the right to require an Advertiser to provide a certification of legal compliance with respect to any advertisement.
  10. Proprietary names of pharmaceutical products must be accompanied by the chemical, generic or official name; the quantity of all active substances must be stated along with the recommended dosage. New advertisement copy and creative work for pharmaceutical products should be sent to Hematopathology’s advertising department. Please allow two weeks for clearance.
  11. All advertisements must clearly and prominently identify the Advertiser by name, trademark and/or trade name. Use of a name, logo, trademark, or service mark of Hematopathology, except in reference citations, is not permitted without the express, written consent of Hematopathology. Any reference to Hematopathology in advertisements, promotional material, or merchandising by the Advertiser is subject to Hematopathology’s prior written consent in each instance. Hematopathology does not endorse or support any product or organization identified in any advertisement published in Hematopathology.
  12. Hematopathology will use commercially reasonable efforts not to place advertisements adjacent to any editorial matter that discusses the product or service being advertised, nor adjacent to any article reporting research on the advertised product or service.
  13. All advertisements are separate from editorial content. Layout, artwork, and format shall be such as to be readily distinguishable from editorial content to avoid any confusion with the editorial content of the publication. The label “Advertisement” may be required.
  14. Hematopathology will make commercially reasonable efforts to avoid placing digital advertisements so that they are juxtaposed with, in line with, linked to, or adjacent to editorial content on the same topic as the advertisement.
  15. Hematopathology is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage for errors in displaying or printing an advertisement.
  16. Advertiser may not link from the advertisement to the Hematopathology website without the express written consent of Hematopathology. Hematopathology does not endorse or support any product linked to its website, nor is Hematopathology responsible for the content of any website promoted in or advertisement published in Hematopathology.
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